Insurance Audit Report

Do you Know……??
60% of insurance claims related to shop, factory, godown are rejected or settled on reduced amounts because….

  • All policies have hidden Clause ** condition applied which is not explained before Loss.
  • At the time of losses the appointed surveyor tries to reject the claim on basis of these hidden clauses. Thus Before any loss etc, Submit your current insurance policy and get your Insurance Audit done before unfortunate loss..

Steps of Insurance Audit Report
Risk Review- Our Specialized Team will understand your business and evaluate risk exposure.
Technical Analysis - Then we Analyses your Insurance policies as they are very technical in nature with lots of legal clauses, exclusion etc which may cause problem at the time of claim.

Insurance Audit Report - As a out put of Risk Review and Policy analysis our Team will prepares a detailed Insurance Audit report in simple words and state :

  • What is the covered in your policy.
  • What is not covered.
  • Addition Risk Cover which has been missed.
  • Premium charged is High or Moderate supported with our Quotation.
  • Documents needed at the time of Claims.
  • All other related technical inputs

Thus send your policy via email or whatsapp it on 9821338880 and get a Insurance Audit report Free of cost uptill 31st march 2016.